Started by three highly-experienced and creative TV visionaries, Double Shot Films is a new production company specialising in bringing stunning visuals, the latest CGI techniques and the very highest production values to the world of factual TV.

Thanks to sister company Metapixel, Double Shot has access to one of the world's highest-resolution photogrammetry rigs enabling incredible visual effects on factual TV budgets and allowing the seamless creation of Virtual Reality experiences to run alongside our programmes.

Based in Brighton, UK and Washington DC, Double Shot provides world-class, long-form content for the global marketplace.


GOING INTO PRODUCTION - Planet You 4 x 1hr in 4k

Each episode of Planet You takes one split second of your day and shows you the truth of what it takes to make that moment happen. It reveals the incredible hidden stories, science, people and tech all around the world that lie behind our everyday lives.

Planet You sets out to dive deep, explore and explode outwards to show that there is nothing average, nothing mundane about the places, people and technologies . . . the whole complex web that swirls around and lies behind your every experience.  In this immense, increasingly globalized world we unpack startling and headspinning stories that feed into everything you touch or use - or that touches and uses you. 


DW war still DS.jpg

IN DEVELOPMENT - Dinosaur Wars - 2 x 1hr Fact-based Drama

Just 200 years ago, most scientists thought the Earth was only a few thousand years old and fossilised bones were left in the rocks by God. Then a handful of men and women changed all that. Dinosaur Wars is the story of two sets of scientists, one in the UK and the other in the U.S. Between the years 1820 and 1880, these four rival “gangs” fought for supremacy, glory and fame as they raced to bring a new and previously unknown era to the world's attention: the prehistoric world of the Dinosaurs.

Interspersed with the drama are cutting edge VFX sequences bringing the dinosaurs they discovered to life, as well as some of the very strange creatures the early palaeontologists dreamed up before they got it right.